What We Do

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Our multi-talented team allows HHI to limit the use of sub-contractors. Custom, high-efficiency, environmentally conscious homes built by HHI are your creations because we work with you to ensure every aspect of your dream home becomes a beautiful reality.

Our goal as builders is to guide you through any project in a safe, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sound process. HHI has been hard at work for our neighbors for 10 years, but our team has over 40 years of hands-on building experience to offer you. We know what works, we know what products to use, and, most importantly, we know how to save you money while getting the highest quality out of the final product. Whether you want to refurbish, remodel, or reinvent, HHI will focus on your ideas and input. Our team members have a unique, artisan approach to home improvement. We collaborate with you and each other to bring your vision to life.



We offer free estimates to assess your project’s needs and keep you involved through every step of the project. Reach out today so we can make your dream project become a reality.

We use high quality long lasting products as well as rebuild from what's in the home or on the property.

We always consider all options for you to make use of resources, materials, or lumber from the site or in the creation of furniture, decks, or other ornamentation.